The case of PAUL WILLIAM SCOTT (Attachments will be added soon)

Paul William Scott

In October 1979, Paul William Scott was sentenced to death in the Florida State Electric Chair for the murder of James Alessi in Boca Raton, Florida. Mr. Rick Kondian, who committed the offense, surrendered to authorities in Palm Beach County, Florida, citing self-defense.

The altercation took place at the victim's home in 1978 in the presence of Paul Scott. The lock on the front door had been locked from the inside by Mr Alessi using a key, so Paul Scott had to exit through the back wall of a closed swimming pool. Scott had briefly helped Kondian as a tall (and naked) James Alessi (1.80m, 235 pounds) forced himself on a much smaller Rick Kondian. Scott left before Alessi died.

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The murder weapon, according to Kondian, was an unopened bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne. Rick Kondian is left-handed and he had a 5 stitches cut in his left index finger from the metal cap around the bottle, leaving little doubt as to who actually clubbed the victim and with what weapon.

A circle of blood was found at the scene and photographed. Mr. Kondian removed the bottle and threw it in the nearby woods as he left the scene. The victim, a known homosexual, had previously had sex with Rick Kondian. Marijuana, suspected of having been mixed with PCP (angel dust), was found at the scene. The victim had become violent in reaction to the marijuana. Mr. Kondian was "high" at the same concoction, while Mr. Scott refused to take part in the deadly mix.

Perhaps it was a justifiable homicide, perhaps manslaughter, or even second degree murder by Richard Kondian. This is not first degree murder, and certainly not by Paul William Scott.

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In the courtroom, a year later, things started to change drastically:

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1. The prime suspect became Paul William Scott, a quiet and docile vagabond from Long Beach, California.

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2. The police photograph of a circle of blood was strangely invisible.

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3. A statue of a "bear" that was splashed with blood (most of the objects in the room were splashed with blood) has become the "murder weapon". This weapon was wielded by a left-hander and only Paul Scott is left-hander, the prosecutor confessed (wrongly on both counts).

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4. Mr. Kondian's confession had strangely become something of a denial, leaving jurors to believe Scott was the culprit.

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5. Mr. Kondian, whose family was very wealthy, hired famous lawyer David Roth to defend him. Roth's strategy, according to Mr Kondian (speaking to other inmates), was to lay the blame on Paul William Scott.

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6. Scott, barely having his shirt on his back, could not defend himself. He therefore received a court-appointed lawyer, George Barrs. Barrs has been described as "alcoholic", "incompetent", "undercompensated" and "ineffective". It is certain that an appropriate description would be prejudicial to the defense of Paul William Scott.

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7. The state had obtained as a witness a man of dubious character named Vince Soutullo, whose affidavit reveals: "He (the Boca Raton detective) told me what to say. I just said what the State and police wanted me to say ".

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8. During Paul William Scott's trial, Mr. Barrs apparently made no attempt to research the case, determine Kondian's confessed guilt, or locate the murder weapon.

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9. Mr. Barrs told Scott to "keep your mouth shut", and he kept his own mouth shut during the trial.

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10. In what turned out to be worse, far worse, than the utter lack of defense, George Barrs left the jury with the impression that his own client was as guilty as a sin.

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Since this "kangaroo" court, as it certainly was, arose, Mr. Paul William Scott has waited patiently in Raiford, Fla., Appeal after appeal. Since Feorge Barrs, he has had several lawyers who have started to put together the pieces of the true story. Mild-mannered Scott endured 18 years of "pure hell" on Florida death row as the wheels of justice slowly turned.

Rick Kondian got his case "negotiated" and he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for second degree murder, which he served and was released into society. It was 1994. And yet, Paul Scott is waiting in his tiny cell. No one has been there longer than Scott, and the wheels of justice keep turning.

After being briefed on these irrefutable truths, nine of Scott's former jurors expressed shock and dismay at being deceived, lying and tricked into delivering a guilty verdict and conviction. to death. Eight of them, in fact, signed declarations to this effect and expressed regret at having been able to send an innocent man to his death.

For reasons hard to imagine, besides the embarrassment of the blunders they have undeniably made, the circle of lawyers, judges and lawmakers in the state of Florida continue to push for the death of Paul William Scott. And they won't be satisfied, it seems, until that high-voltage electric chair catches the last brave heartbeat of Paul William Scott.

According to a 1993 ruling, Herrara V. Collins, "history is replete with examples of wrongly convicted persons being pardoned following the discovery of evidence proving their innocence." Isn't it time to say enough is enough, Florida? In the name of justice, free this man.

Don't say "no" until you know the true story of Paul William Scott. It's been a long time since she arrived and she refutes so much that you can still believe it's the truth.

Paul William Scott, his letter to French coalition Against the Death Penalty (FCADP)

April 10, 2020

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Dear Claudine,

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Let me tell you what you know. Tomorrow I have to write it down and send it to yours and he will send it to you. That's basically the point of all this fuss. First this.

A hearing was held in April 2012 for my lawyer / Finta / to with lottery and he said my former lawyer / 1998 ____ 2008 / had told him in a letter and on the phone that the Bush administration had told him that if he continued to pursue my innocence and the media, he would sign my death warrant and kill me and a deal was made to do nothing. I appealed to the court and added that my appeal lawyer (1998-2008) was Mark Wilinski, but he was in favor of leniency and friendship with the Bush administration. 1999-2004 was Ken Malnik, and over a period of time he brought in four different investigators, which is why the former resigned. Paul J. Ciolino, Google investigator. he was on a famous American news program for 48 hours and became famous for taking charge of my business. we had losses and Ken decided to use a less expensive investment. to save money, there was no investment. they were actors. one was his nephew. the other was his secretary. My second lawyer told me that I had confronted Ken and he told me that an agreement had been made with the Bush administration for 25 years leniency for life and parole in 3 years. Thanks to a reliable source, I learned that I was not going to get parole and asked for the same sentence as Kondian and Ken with Drew. It's no secret that attorney David Roth and attorney Kondian and the head of state were in bed together and for the right price you can get a deal. Keep in mind. The chief judge of Fl. Sup. Court was from Roth's law firm. Download Judge Jore Labarga ---- April 2009 ____ from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Roth was the star !!! he sponsored the labargas / immigrants / family and university education and put it in his cabinet, then in the state attorney's office and finally in a judge. It's the American justice system, Claudia. They owned Palm Beach / the richest people in America / and then Fl. Sup. Cut. you see. Former judge Barbra Parienti was also involved and for 20 years she was from Palm Beach and friends with Roth for over 45 years. They have always won 4_ to 3_. . Lawyer Richard Lublin started with Roth and bonded with him, then left Gainesville solo and with Ken. 300 miles from P.Beach and a pissing anthill, he was Lublin's co-counsel and for 15 minutes in court he got $ 75,000. It was a probation deal from a billionaire son. I know the case :-) This is how lawyers help each other.
In my case, Claudia, you know I escaped from the back. Kondian returned to his apartment and picked up his two roommates, including US star Sotullo, and they returned to Alessis' house and entered from the back, with three sets of footprints in Earth. The handle and the tip of the knife are bloody. 3 ropes have been cut and drops of blood lead to 3 places. Whoever cut them was dripping with blood and my blood was not found. 3 glasses were on the coffee table. We each had a drink. There were no fingerprints on the glasses. I escaped through the patio door. no fingerprints were found on the door handle, either inside or outside. blood and fingerprints were found on the shower door. in 1979 it was declared unidentifiable. in 1996 it was tested and declared kondian. in letters to Valérie, kondian said he lost his ring and wallet in the fight. these were not found and that is why he returned. Driver's license. Identification action. They tied up Alessi and, for some reason, Kondian beat him to death. While he was showering, the other two were trying to clean his fingerprints, etc. I was at home, packing my bags to leave Florida. I had proof and more, but here is the result. Avocado David Roth is a mainstay of Florida and the Shit King and he is associated with the rich and mighty dinosaurs of today and, if it turns out I have been used and mentored etc. In short, kid. It's a monster story and capable of stopping DP at the very least! Then yes. I was used for real and I will give you everything. I know. Damn, I don't believe it! !!!!!!

Trust Joe. It is the Brain and the Boss. Strong people! ! My brother. Yes Claudine. It's a little too cold and rotten but I'm still alive to show it, tell it and prove it and I hope we can help change.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Peace. Butterfly.

Prof. Joseph Incandela on Paul William Scott

Dean of the College of the Arts

and letters from the University

Benedictine from Lisle, Illinois

I first met Paul Scott when I asked my students at Saint Mary's College to write to prisoners on death row. Many ended up corresponding with Paul, who always very graciously answered their questions about life on death row in America.

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It is my initiation into a labyrinth of great complexity which constitutes the events of his business. It also gave me a real understanding of Paul's circumstances and the reality of capital punishment in the United States. Since then, I have been part of a truly global effort to bring justice to Paul William Scott, whom I firmly believe is innocent of the crime he is accused of.

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My main area of ​​teaching is Christian Catholic ethics. In this area there is the concept of life's "apparel without appearance": namely that all life is sacred, and all life has an innate and inherent human dignity as it was created in the image and in the likeness of god

. Even if Paul were guilty of the crime he is accused of, I would oppose his execution. But the fact that Paul is an innocent man at risk of execution is a tragedy that cries out to heaven for it to be fixed.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Dean of the Benedictine University College of Arts and Letters in Lisle, Illinois, for FCADP


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